Functional Diagnostic Health and Counseling

" Your Local Health Detective"

~ Do You Have Trouble Losing Weight?

~Are You Tired?

~Do You Suffer from Infertility or Reproductive Issues? 

~Do you Have Chronic Health Conditions? 

~Are You  Stressed ?

Functional Diagnostic Health seeks to uncover underlying health conditions ranging from anxiety, infertility, blood sugar issues to skin conditions , stress, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.  Functional Medicine uses various assessments and tools to assist in guiding toward helping you achieve wellness.

Functional Medicine does not diagnose or treat but rather use Lifestyle changes, Nutrition, Stress Management, and Vitamin therapy to help you attain optimal health and well being. 


  • "Once you pin pointed why I wasnt losing weight, the weight started coming off quickly and safely. Thank you , I look and feel great!"
    thank you
  • "My chronic fatigue was out of control. After just a few days of therapy, I actually started to gain some energy. I appreciate all your help, and kindness . I am able to funct..."
    thank you

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